1 out of 6 Homes are in Foreclosure!

1 out of 6 Homes are in Foreclosure! Can you imagine?  If the statistics are correct that would mean on average walking up and down any street in America that 1 out of each 6 homes you see are in foreclosure.  That would mean that 1 out of 6 families would be looking for a […]

House Sells for $1.00 !!!

In Detroit, Michigan a home sold for $1.00.    According to the news report the home was purchased for $65,000 in 2006 and foreclosed on last year. The bank was so desparate to sell the property that they lowered the price to $1.00 and it took 14 days to sell.  The home had been stripped of […]

Good News for Home Buyers

Vancouver Home Buyers should be motivated by this morning’s news.   House prices have dropped for the sixth month in a row and prices are dipping according to a report by Fox News There are plenty of 1st time homebuyer mortgage loan programs on the market which enable a home buyer to purchase a home with […]

9 Tips for Hot House Selling in a Depressed Market

Home Selling:  If you are selling a home than read these 9 tips to a successful home sale.  If there are 20 homes for sale in the neighborhood and you do all these 9 steps you are ahead of your competition. 1. Small things are important. This falls under “home staging”.  Sometimes just moving a […]

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