1 in 5 Homes Underwater

Real estate website Zillow.com says one of every five U.S. home owners owed more on their mortgage than their home was worth in the fourth quarter.

Delinquent mortgages up 58% from year ago

The pace at which homeowners are falling behind on their mortgages is declining, however, the overall delinquency rate hit another record.

Apartment Dwellers – Renters – Now is the time to purchase!

Now is the time to purchase a home! There are a number of factors leading up to the concept that a bottom may be forming in many housing locations.   The notion is that unless a metropolitan area has not dropped at least 40% in value than they have not seen the bottom yet.   […]

$22,000 tax credit being sought by housing industry

The National Association of Homebuilders is pushing for aid to the housing industry.   A major component would be a $22,000 tax credit for people who purchase a home before the end of 2009. It’s kind a like shootin’ fish in a barrel nowadays with so many bailouts, tax credits, lowered rates, loan modifications, loan workouts, […]

Washington is a Deed of Trust State

Washington is a Deed of Trust State.  Meaning that there are 3 parties to home loan transaction.    The Beneficiary, Trustee and the Trustor.    The beneficiary is the lender,   the Trustee holds bare or legal title, is usually a title company and has the ‘power of sale’ in the event of default and also issues the […]

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