Hope for Homeowners – H4H

Hope for Homeowners – H4H FHA – the Federal Housing Association – is offering the Hope for Homeowners Mortgage Lending Program. It is a solid step to help homeowners who are in distress by having a difficult time making their mortgage payments. The program will allow borrowers who qualify to refinance into an FHA insured […]

1 out of 6 Homes are in Foreclosure!

1 out of 6 Homes are in Foreclosure! Can you imagine?  If the statistics are correct that would mean on average walking up and down any street in America that 1 out of each 6 homes you see are in foreclosure.  That would mean that 1 out of 6 families would be looking for a […]

House Sells for $1.00 !!!

In Detroit, Michigan a home sold for $1.00.    According to the news report the home was purchased for $65,000 in 2006 and foreclosed on last year. The bank was so desparate to sell the property that they lowered the price to $1.00 and it took 14 days to sell.  The home had been stripped of […]

Home Buyer Seeking Trashy Homes

The Local Contractor Website which has articles related to home improvements, a forum for home improvements, and a blog post that they buy ugly trashy homes. The are also active members of the Active Rain Community which I encourage Vancouver Real Estate Agents to join as it is a wonderful resourceful site.

Pre-Foreclosures in Vancouver

 The foreclosure rate in this country is staggering. Many homebuyers are struggling to meet their payment obligations especially on sub-prime or alternative types of loans with ARM’s. They usually have a low teaser rate and than a 3 year or 5 year fixed time frame before adjusting. The basic problem is that during the rapid […]

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