24% of FHA Loans written in 2007 in Default

24% of FHA Loans written in 2007 in Default. 20% of FHA loans written in 2008 are in default.

Delinquent mortgages up 58% from year ago

The pace at which homeowners are falling behind on their mortgages is declining, however, the overall delinquency rate hit another record.

Shadow Inventory – to Wreck Havoc Soon!

Shadow Inventory is a term that refers to unsold foreclosures.  These are homes being held back from the foreclosing bank and not yet placed on the market for sale.  No one really knows how large the problem is the banks and the public are facing. There are various statistics available from DataQuick, RealtyTrac and also […]

Case Shiller Housing Report paints Gloomy Picture of Falling Home Prices

Case Shiller Home Price Index is a leading information source for what is going on in the housing market.  The January report shows that sales prices across the nation continue to decline. While the low interest rates and low prices are  bringing many buyers to the market in search of bargain prices there appears to […]

Loan Modification

Today the term “loan modification” is highly searched on the internet. For good reason.  As we all know the rate of foreclosures is at an all time high and getting worse.  Homeowners who are not able to make their house payments on time are trying to figure out what their options are so they don’t […]

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